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ACOM – document management and workflow

ACOM’s EZContentManager is a web-accessible storage and retrieval system for all your corporate documents, images, and files. It utilizes a powerful search engine for easy-to-use full-text and index searches, includes a centralized repository, version controls definable by document classes, and a unique capture layer that automates the indexing and importing of your outbound paper-based documents and reports. You can also set-up automated electronic routing and approval workflows to ease your manual and labor-intensive processes.

Key Benefits include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved efficiency
  • Enhanced vendor/customer relations

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EZContentManager; EZeDocs

ACOM’s Document Output and Document Management Systems

With ACOM's Document Management Solutions you can easily take your raw ERP output and create full-color professionally formatted documents and reports.

You’ll have finished documents even the marketing team would be proud of, and you can modify the document template any time you want to, in just minutes.

Eliminate your fax machine and mailing printed forms
Great looking forms are just the beginning. Since your output is now in an electronic format, you can automatically print, fax, or email the finished documents. Outbound documents can even be customized for different recipients, so everyone gets just the information they need, and nothing they don't.

Get rid of your filing cabinets
You can automatically index and store your newly created electronic documents in our web-based document management system.

Automate the routing and approval of documents
You can eliminate all the manual steps associated with getting your documents signed and approved, by automatically & electronically routing them for approval. Save hours, days, weeks…

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ACOM’s Payment Management System

Print Checks - Send Electronic Payments - Deliver Payment Notifications - Prevent Fraud:

  • ACOM’s payment solutions seamlessly extend the power of your ERP applications, without the need for custom programming. 
  • ACOM provides a single payment platform that can support both check printing as well as electronic payments, while making it easy to manage and facilitate the movement of your vendors to electronic/ACH payments.
  • You can do it all in one payment run… pay electronically and print MICR checks, deliver payment notifications electronically (fax, email, PDF) and print paper copies. It’s all done automatically, based on the preferences of each payee.

In the EZPayManager Total Solution, all of the functional modules are seamlessly integrated to allow you to:

  • Print MICR Laser Checks
  • Print Payment Details
  • Send Electronic Payments (via ACH)
  • Send Electronic Payment Details (via secured email, automated fax, or PDF documents posted to the web)
  • Generate Positive Pay files using the Check Fraud Alert Module
  • And archive payments electronically for future retrieval

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ACOM's EZConnect - EDI/XML Software Solution

EDI/XML Mapping - Data Translation - Integration – Management:
ACOM's EZConnect enables disparate systems to easily communicate with each other "real time," using any type of data format and via any type of communication medium

  • Extend the capabilities of your ERP/Financial software
  • Automate your eBusiness processes
  • Leverage your investment

Highlights of ACOM's EZConnect Solution:

  • Direct Database Integration
  • Full Automation for 24x7 Operations
  • Business Process Management (with Business Rules and Data Validation)
  • Flexible Communication (AS/2, HTTP/s, FTP/s, and VANS)
  • Advanced EDI and XML Translation
  • Full Trading Partner Management

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